Mutual resiliency

We support the health and sustainability of social change organizations by designing interventions that create brave and creative group environments to support mutual resiliency and hope. We do this by integrating Latin-American collective liberatory practices, traditional healing and emotional health evidence-based approaches as culturally appropriate for each organization.

Our Method


We focus primarily on three methods for collective resiliency and hope in either one or a combination of 1:1 and group sessions:



1. Learning from challenges, case studies and dilemma management.

2. Fostering resiliency, adaptation and hope through mutual accompaniment.

3. Exploring the "self", its emotions and strengths as vehicles for a deeper meaning. 


Some themes that we explore during these sessions may include assertive communication, transformational leadership, advocacy, multicultural communication and boundaries, internalized oppression, among others.

"This experience was one of a kind. It was very helpful and useful for the type of work we do on a daily basis. We learned something new in every training and were able to become a stronger and more unified team. This experience also helped me with my individual growth and provided me with tools that can be used outside of a professional setting."

-Anahi Romero, El Programa Hispano Catolico

"Before starting this program, I was struggling with burnout and high levels of metal stress. Evolve not only alleviated these issues but also provided me with peace of mind and renewed sense of purpose. The support, tools and guidance I received have been pivotal in transforming my professional and personal life. Will forever cherish the acompañamiento sessions <3"

-MG, El Programa Hispano

"Your team helped our team reunite. Our team went through a lot and your team was able to help. We really appreciate you! Our team always looked forward to our trainings."

- El Programa Hispano Catolico